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Best Carpet Choice for High Traffic Areas

Carpet for High Traffic AreasCarpets come in a variety of designs, styles, and types. Choosing the right carpet can last you a lifetime, whereas choosing the wrong one may prove to be useful for no more than a few months. This can especially be said for “high traffic areas” such as hallways and family rooms.

Carpets can be as expensive as $100 per sq. ft. and as low as $8 per sq. ft. The cost largely depends on the material and design. It is important to choose the right carpet so that it stays with you for years to come.

Here are some things to consider to help you choose the best carpet type for high traffic areas.

The Best Fiber Material is Nylon

Choosing a high-quality branded nylon is the best choice when you’re looking for a fiber material carpet. Maintenance is low, and it is the most durable type of carpet fiber. Before buying, though, just make sure it’s been treated for stain resistance.

Frieze, the Best Style There is

Frieze carpeting can be more expensive than textured or Saxony carpet. However, it does come with a major benefit. By purchasing a frieze carpet, you can hide footprints very well, and it can last more than 20 years if it’s properly maintained. It’s also the perfect choice for high traffic areas like hallways.

Quality Matters

Before choosing a carpet, you need to determine a few things because investing in a new carpet can be a big hassle especially since you’re buying it for a high traffic area. You need to ensure that the carpet boasts high quality, otherwise, it’s not going to fulfill the purpose well. You need to look at the face weight, tuft twist, density rating and the texture of the carpet before buying it.

Colors that are Perfect for High Traffic Areas

To hide dirt and stains on your carpet, you need to avoid white, creamy or grayish colors. Instead, you should opt for brown carpets (which we admit can be boring) or a plush cut pile (like Saxony) that has a monochromatic look. You can also go for light-colored friezes that can help hide stains and dirt.

Carpet Pad Matters

Choosing the right carpet pad can increase your carpet’s life by as much as 50%. For high traffic areas, you would want to choose a high-quality carpet pad. The quality is determined by the density of the pad. Ideally, an 8-pound carpet pad would be perfect for high-traffic areas.

Carpet Installation is Important too,

It’s always a good option to hire an experienced professional who can better guide you so as to what kind of carpet would best suit your needs. In addition, it can also save you from a lot of hassle and keep your carpets lasting practically a lifetime.





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I grew up in our families flooring business in Midvale with my parents and grandfather. Over the years I had the opportunity to estimate, sell and install all types of flooring both residential and commercial with my grandfather, father, brothers, cousins and uncles (many of which are still in the business). My favorite part of the business is meeting new people every day and enjoying the diversity of each of the projects we tackle. I guess you could say, "it is in my blood."

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