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Cleaning and Maintaining Vinyl Floors

Cleaning and Maintaining Vinyl FloorVinyl is a synthetic, man-made plastic built by combining chlorine and ethylene. Vinyl flooring is a highly resilient flooring that has numerous benefits. It’s very durable, easy to clean and maintain, and is extremely cost-effective. If you use this, you will not have to buy new flooring again for quite a few years.

Vinyl flooring is also waterproof, comfortable to walk on and warmer than other flooring options. It’s a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms and is commonly found in densely populated areas like offices, hospitals, and other commercial setups.

We at Pro floors of Utah recommend the following tips to clean and maintain your vinyl floor:

Use a Doormat

Using a doormat is a simple but quite effective way to protect your vinyl floor from dirt and chemicals. Our shoes carry a host of substances that are harmful to vinyl floors. Dirt and chemicals from asphalt are abrasive and roughen up your vinyl floor, making it look worn and discolored.

Keep the Floor Clean

Dust and other particles can easily penetrate through vinyl floors; use a broom or dry mop to sweep daily. Over time, accumulated dust will take the sheen off your vinyl floor if not cleaned regularly.

Clean Spills Right Away

Do not let water or anything else you spill on the floor dry on its own. Once dried, carbonated drinks are harder to clean out of vinyl floors and will result in nasty stains, while also damaging the floor.

Vinegar Solution

Rather than using harsh chemicals, mix vinegar with warm water to clean your vinyl floor. The acid in the vinegar will not only clean the floor but also help maintain its natural shine.

Commercial Cleanser

If you do not want to use a vinegar solution, there are cleansers available on the market for vinyl floor cleaning. There are two types of cleansers: with and without wax. Choose the one that is most suitable for your floor. Generally, cleansers without wax are used for shiny vinyl floors to help preserve the shine.

Carefully Move Furniture

When moving heavy furniture, make sure that you are not dragging it. Always lift furniture properly before moving it; otherwise it can leave blemishes and scuff marks on the floor. One important thing to keep in mind is that hired workers often do repair work at home and they are often very reckless while moving things around your home or office. Feel free to warn them in advance; otherwise they might carelessly damage your vinyl flooring or other items of value, for that matter.

Keep the Floor Dry

Although vinyl floors are waterproof, water may seep through due to cracks and gaps around the edges. Once it penetrates these tight spaces, there’s a high likelihood of the adhesive getting worn out that holds the vinyl floor down. Keep the floor as dry as possible at all times and while cleaning, do not drench your floor. Use only as much water as required to clean the floor properly.

Do Not Scrub Too Hard

Always use brushes with soft bristles when cleaning your vinyl floor. Stiff bristles or other sharp cleaning objects should be avoided, as they can leave scratch marks on the floor or damage it. Always gently scrub the floor to preserve its finish and shine.

If you have any questions about cleaning and maintaining vinyl flooring, please contact us.






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