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Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floor BackgroundEngineered hardwood is a hardwood floor as well as it has genuine hardwood on the top surface, usually about 1/16″ to 1/8″ thick and this layer is the same material to the solid hardwood flooring.

After the first layer of hardwood, occupies layers of manufactured wood sub-strait; this is similar to plywood. When inspecting a raw piece of the material, it is typically quite easy to distinguish the top layer of wood and the remaining layers of base material.

Any look, feeling, texture, color, etc. that a manufacturer creates with solid hardwoods can also be created with engineered hardwood because, as stated previously, they both start with hardwood.

However, an advantage of engineered hardwoods is that they are much more affordable. This is due to the material is mostly a manufactured plywood, and not solid wood.

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When we install engineered hardwoods, we can install them by nailing, gluing, or stapling them to the floor–it depends on the type of surface under the floor.

There is a downside however, engineered hardwood is very difficult to sand and refinish—this is due to the shallow depth of the hardwood surface.




We carry a wide selection of engineered hardwoods, including options for all budgets. We carry the following brands:

  • T.A.S. @ Home
  • Hallmark

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