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5 Benefits of Laminate Flooring in Your Home

LaminateflooringWe have seen an increasing popularity of laminate flooring in recent years. Although it is a somewhat new discovery in the flooring industry, it has been widely welcomed by homeowners and builders alike.

Due to its comprehensive features ranging from affordable price to excellent quality, laminate flooring offers individuals the best package. It’s a hybrid flooring option as it has the appearance of hardwood and vinyl tiling, when in reality it’s not.

Here, we will discuss 5 benefits of laminate flooring for your home.

  1. Comparatively less costly

Laminate flooring is economical and affordable. This is perhaps the most important factor that convinces people to install it in their homes.

Since it’s mostly made up of synthetic flooring and other less costly material compared to wooden flooring, it is cheap. However, don’t assume that its low cost means it’s of low quality, too. Laminate flooring is high quality and extremely durable.

  1. Highly durable

As mentioned previously, laminate flooring passes the durability test with flying colors. This makes it very practical for your homes with kids and pets, as it is not vulnerable to discoloration and scratches. Owing to the multiple layers and the top layer being a hard wearing layer, they have a tendency to be resilient against stains, dirt and scratches.

This makes it an incredible choice for homes, especially for the hallways, living rooms, and foyers which are highly trafficked on a daily basis and are more vulnerable to wear and tear.

  1. Easy and undemanding maintenance

Since laminate flooring has a wear layer, it’s protected from extreme damages caused by your pet’s pawing or spills from your kid’s bottle. Only basic cleaning is required to capture dust and dirt and keep your floor clean. Thus, sweeping and vacuuming the floor regularly is enough to keep it clean, making it extremely feasible and sensible for homes.

  1. Offers a wide range of designs

Apart from offering the practical benefits of being economy and maintenance, laminate flooring also offers numerous designs and styles to fit in with the rest of the décor in your house.

As solid wooden floors are rather expensive, not everyone can afford them. Laminate flooring is available with different designs that imitate hardwood material with a variety of texturing. Thus, they cater to your desire to style while not going overboard with the budget.

  1. Supports possible expansion

Laminate flooring planks are attached to one another instead of being glued to the subfloor. Thus it is extremely flexible, a handy aspect should you wish to install the laminate flooring in a different room. You do not have to worry about the subfloor. Just make certain that the subfloor is clean and dry before starting the installation process.

Taking into account all these benefits that laminate flooring has to offer and the variety in terms of design and quality, it is self-explanatory that why laminate flooring is indeed the best and the most popular choice that homemakers make when deciding on the flooring type for their homes. These can be used anywhere from bathrooms to bedrooms.

Brandon Brown

I grew up in our families flooring business in Midvale with my parents and grandfather. Over the years I had the opportunity to estimate, sell and install all types of flooring both residential and commercial with my grandfather, father, brothers, cousins and uncles (many of which are still in the business). My favorite part of the business is meeting new people every day and enjoying the diversity of each of the projects we tackle. I guess you could say, "it is in my blood."

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