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5 Things to Consider When Selecting New Flooring For Your Home

The flooring in your home not only adds aesthetic value to it, but it also helps determine how comfortable your home is. Yet, many people end up picking the wrong flooring that decreases the look of the home, makes it less comfortable to live in, or both.

There are a plethora of flooring materials and options from which to choose, which is one of the reasons why people can go wrong with their flooring choice. To help you in this regard, we’ve outlined five things you must consider before getting new flooring for your home.

Keep the Budget in Mind

Setting a budget is important before you carry on with the process of getting new flooring. Typically, people hire a professional flooring company to get the job done so that they don’t have to face the hassle of installing it themselves.

However, make sure that you let the company know what your budget is so they can provide options in your price range. Consider this – your overall budget will involve sub floor material, flooring material, skirting, post fitting decoration, and the like, so you have to be mindful of the flooring materials you choose otherwise you can easily bust your budget.

Consider How Durable the Flooring Is

Flooring is a big investment, and for that reason, you don’t want to have to invest in new flooring a couple of years down the road. Unfortunately, some flooring choices are not very durable and begin to show wear within a few years. This is why it’s important that you pick a flooring that can stand the test of time.

This becomes even more important if you have kids and pets in your home. You need to opt for a flooring option that can withstand constant foot traffic, water, dirt, and other pollutants. Some durable floors include hardwoods, concrete, laminate, and bamboo floorings.

Be Mindful of the Style

As noted earlier, flooring is a great way to add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. But a dull and boring floor can ruin how your home looks, which is why style should be kept in mind when picking your new flooring.

One of the most important factors is to pick an option that goes well with your existing interior styling. For example, if you have white carpeting in every room in the house, but then dark slate tile in your kitchen, the two contrasting colors and materials might not look that great.

If you happen to have modern furniture then going with tile or concrete might a good choice. However, if your home has a more classical style, then opting for marble or stone would be a good fit.

What About Maintaining New Floors?

One of the most time-consuming features of certain flooring is that you have to maintain it. It should be noted that different materials have different maintenance needs.

If there are kids at home, then it’s obvious that your flooring will need regular cleaning. Choosing the color of the flooring also plays an important role in its maintenance. If you decide to go for dark colors like oak, wood or dark gray, then you won’t have to worry about dirt and stains showing as easily.

Consider the Comfort Factor of Your Flooring

Keeping an eye on the comfort level of the floor is also important. Choose a floor that is soft and comfortable to walk or sit on. Some flooring materials also squeak and make noises if they are not properly fitted, and that can be irritating.

Last but not the least, make sure that your floor doesn’t get too cold or too hot during winters and summers. For example, a tile floor might look beautiful in your home, but walking on it with bare feet in the winter might make you think twice about your flooring selection.

These simple tips will help you get the right flooring for your home. The key lies in being purposeful in your selection and picking materials that fit your home’s aesthetic and which add to the comfort of your home.












Brandon Brown

I grew up in our families flooring business in Midvale with my parents and grandfather. Over the years I had the opportunity to estimate, sell and install all types of flooring both residential and commercial with my grandfather, father, brothers, cousins and uncles (many of which are still in the business). My favorite part of the business is meeting new people every day and enjoying the diversity of each of the projects we tackle. I guess you could say, "it is in my blood."

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