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Top Flooring Options Based on Durability

best flooring optionComing up with a flooring plan that enhances the beauty of your living space is a must. However, it is easier said than done. It doesn’t matter how extraordinary your house looks – if the flooring is not durable, you will end up in hot water.

Check out some of the best, most durable flooring options below.

Travertine Tile Flooring

Travertine tile flooring is your best bet. It speaks of natural beauty and can give your space a fresh look. It comes in a variety of sizes, eye-catching colors, and heartwarming textures, giving you multiple options to choose from. It does cost a little more than some other flooring options, but it’s worth a shot given its durability.

This type of flooring gets easily stained, however. Getting rid of the stains is pretty easy, as any flooring expert can polish the floor for you. Nonetheless, it’s better to be careful!

Granite Flooring

Granite is the very essence of modern bathrooms, kitchens, and ultra-modern houses. It’s well known for beautiful designs and colors that certainly add a luxury factor to your home.

Typically, countertops and floors are covered with granite. However, it can be used in flooring as well. Granite is highly capable of resisting heat, scratches, and stains, but also requires proper maintenance.

Laminate Flooring

When it comes to having a durable flooring option, laminate flooring is a good choice. It might not give off as luxurious a look as other options, but it is one-of-a-kind when you’re looking for sturdiness.

This type of flooring is budget-friendly and comes with a lot of advantages. It’s long lasting and is also scratch resistant and stain-free.

It’s so popular that some flooring companies also offer a 25-year guarantee for wear and tear.

Luxurious Vinyl Planks

This flooring is known for its ability to last longer and for being waterproof. Vinyl planks are trending in commercial as well as domestic applications. Its wood-like looks make it a great choice for you to have it installed in your kitchen and bathrooms.

These floors are not actual wooden floors. However, they look as attractive as wooden floors.

Vinyl planks are scratch-proof, but keep in mind that dragging heavy furniture or pointy objects over this type of flooring might still damage it.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile flooring maybe one of the most highly priced options, but if you’re looking for something that makes your space look amazing while being highly durable, then porcelain tiling is an excellent choice.

This type of flooring is resistant to water damage and isn’t prone to getting stains and scratches. In addition to this, it’s very easy to clean as you just need a mop to wipe off dirt in a single sweep.

The Verdict

Any of the options discussed above will prove to be a durable flooring option that can meet your specific needs.

And speaking of your needs, be sure to investigate the benefits and detriments of each type of durable flooring to ensure you get something that won’t just look great but will also stand up to daily use for years and years to come.

If you aren’t sure where to further your flooring search, seek help from an expert to help you make the right decision for you.

Brandon Brown

I grew up in our families flooring business in Midvale with my parents and grandfather. Over the years I had the opportunity to estimate, sell and install all types of flooring both residential and commercial with my grandfather, father, brothers, cousins and uncles (many of which are still in the business). My favorite part of the business is meeting new people every day and enjoying the diversity of each of the projects we tackle. I guess you could say, "it is in my blood."

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